Luís Maia

Luís Maia is a Senior Consultant at ANI, where he acts as the Portuguese Delegate and National Contact Point (NCP) for the Horizon 2020 Programme in the areas of Transport, Aviation and Energy, being responsible for Societal Challenge 4 – “Smart, Green and Integrated Transport”, Societal Challenge 3 – “Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy” and for the Clean Sky, SESAR, Shift2Rail and FCH-JU Joint Undertakings. This entails, among other things, the organization of events dedicated to disseminating the H2020 Programme and to fostering the networking between all stakeholders involved in the development of R&D in the area of transport.
Luís has a consulting background, having previously worked as at the Portuguese consulting company SPI, participating in national and international projects in the areas of innovation, R&D, entrepreneurship, transportation, strategic planning and regional development. In this scope, Luis developed activities related to the preparation of proposals and project management in the scope of Portuguese and H2020 programmes.
Luís holds a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering – Transport Infrastructures from the University of Porto, which he finished in 2008. He also obtained a has a PhD in Transportation Systems from the University of Porto in association with the Universities of Lisbon and Coimbra, in the scope of the MIT Portugal programme, which he finished in 2014.