Marta Candeias

Portuguese NCP of FP R&D H2020 for Nanotechnology, Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

National Contact Point for the Key Enabling Technologies “Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials and Advanced Processes and Manufacturing” and for the SME Innovation Program with special emphasis on SME Instrument and Fast Track to Innovation.

Marta Candeias holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Engineering from the Technical University of Lisbon (Instituto Superior Técnico) with a master’s degree in the same area, specialization in disciplines in the field of biomaterials and acts as National Contact Point (NCP) for the Research and Development Framework Programs Technological Development of the European Union since 2009 (FP7 and Horizon 2020) on the topics of nanosciences, nanotechnologies, advanced materials, processes and advanced manufacturing and SMEs. Between 2007 and 2009 he did research at Instituto Superior Técnico and participated in some national and European projects. Since 2009, it has participated in projects for the integration and capacity building of NCP efforts in the themes that it has followed up in FP7 (SMEsGoHealth, TrasnCoSME, NMP TeAm and NMP TeAm 2).