Joaquín Villar

Currently Head of Internationalisation and Prospective Department of the Andalusian Energy Agency, a public entity on behalf of the Regional Ministry of Finance, Industry and Energy, whose mission is to develop the policies of the Andalusian Regional Government aimed at optimising the energy supply of our region, from an economical and environmental point of view, improving the quality of energy services, supporting R+D+I activities in the energy field.

As Head of Internationalisation and Prospective Department, main task is the positioning of the Andalusian Energy Agency internationally, as a tool to promote the internationalisation of Andalusian companies in the energy sector.

In this regard, currently coordinating different international projects and European partnerships on sustainable construction, smartgrids, energy efficiency and renewables, EV and energy storage….

Main works carried out in recent years also include relevant publications, and participation in several conferences, seminars.