Oscar Miguel

Dr Oscar Miguel holds a PhD in Chemistry by the University of the Basque Country (Spain). He joined CIDETEC back in 1999, and currently works as Director of the CIDETEC Energy Storage Institute. He has been involved in energy related industrial research activities for more than 15 years including technology generation, transference and product development. After a while involved in other energy technologies (fuel cells), today he and his team are fully devoted to advanced battery technologies, including Li ion and Post-Li ion technologies. The team that he represents currently covers all the value chain from materials to battery packs, including battery cell manufacturing at pilot scale. All this activity covers from knowledge generation to product development and transference in close cooperation with industry partners.

The team he represent is heavily involved in the European batteries community. He participates in several EU level platforms and associations where energy storage and its applications is relevant. He represents CIDETEC Energy Storage in industrial and research associations like European Battery Alliance (EBA), EGVIA, EARPA, EMIRI or EERA. More recently, he has been appointed Chairman of Working Group #4 on Cell design and Manufacturing within the recently launched ETIP Batteries Europe.

His team is also regular participant in H2020 European funded projects, frequently from the coordination of international consortia –currently CIDETEC Energy Storage is coordinator of iModBatt, iHeCoBatt, and E-Magic projects-. Finally, CIDETEC Energy Storage is involved as well in the core team of BATTERY 2030+, the initiative for a long-term large-scale research program towards the European battery of the future.