Enrique Romero Cadaval

Power Electric and Electronic Systems R+D Group. University of Extremadura

Enrique Romero-Cadaval receives the Ph.D. from the Universidad de Extremadura in 2004. His active research lines are integration of renewable energies, distributed generation, smart grids and electric vehicles. In these areas, he is author of more than 200 contributions listed in the main databases and of many conference contributions and book chapters.

He has participated in several projects about distributed generation, in topics related with “Smart Inverter for Distributed Energy Resources”, “Minicorner development with motor wheel in Electrical Vehicle”, “Systems for electrified mobility in the urban environment”, “Control Strategies for Isolable NanoGrids”, “Energy management system for an smart community: micro-hybrid storage system”, “Hybrid Energy Storage System for manageable photovoltaic generation facilities”, “Performance evaluation and diagnosis of photovoltaic plants or “Conversion and protection solutions in power electrical system scenarios with high penetration level of distributed energy resources”.
He is the Coordinator of the Energy Group for the Intelligent Specialization (RIS3) of the Extremadura Region (Spain), member of the management council of the Energy Companies Associations of Extremadura, representing the University of Extremadura.
He is CRO and Co-founder of “Smart Energy Products and Services”, Spin-off Company of the University of Extremadura.

He is currently the president of the Power Electronics and Industrial Electronics Jointed Spanish Chapter of the IEEE.