Alexandre Mendes

Alexandre Mendes

Executive Director at Startup Braga, Entrepreneur. Portugal

Alexandre Mendes has a degree in Psychology and learned as much in books, podcasts, MOOCs and surfing on iTunesU or Youtube.

He feels driven when designing the intersection of Psychology, Business and Technology, especially when adding Social Value. Currently, he is deeply interested in the following macrotopics: How to match the skills that the job market is looking for with the skills that people are offering; How to develop new skills; Innovation; Tech’s impact on the future Society; Leadership; Entrepreneurial mindset; How to build Entrepreneurial and Business resilient Ecosystems.

He has worked on HR Depts. in a few major companies in Portugal and then moved to challenge Knowledge transference from Universities to the surrounding community.
Also, he has co-founded his own company, Os tais (do vídeo), a lovely video company that is now a steady company.

As part of the entrepreneurship community in Portugal, he tried to set up all the needed conditions to help entrepreneurs thrive. Most of his contribution was instigating an innovation mindset, organizing events, networking and matchmaking people, but also either sharing knowledge, advisory and experiences in Universities, but also working with the most influential entrepreneurship agencies in the country.
In the last couple of years he has been consulting startups becoming scale-ups mostly working on the scaling challenges (growing pains) with a specific focus on leadership development, building teams and employee experience tuned with business growth. Simultaneously, he has been trusted by some multinationals to help them foster consistent and meaningful innovation and entrepreneurial practices and cultures.
In the end, he has crafting the permanent development of a set of soft skills that enable him to manage my career as a portfolio of collaborations in different roles with a number of companies from different industries, but today he may be found serving as Executive Director of Startup Braga.