Adélio Mendes

Professor Adélio Mendes (born 1964) received his PhD degree from the University of Porto in 1993. Currently is full professor at the Chemical Engineering Department of the Faculty of Engineering – University of Porto.

Coordinates a large research team with research interests mainly in dye sensitized solar cells and perovskite solar cells, photoelectrochemical cells including water splitting, CO2 photoelectroreduction to fuels and solar redox flow cells, redox flow batteries, PEMFC and PEM electrolysis, methanol steam reforming, membrane and adsorbent-based gas separations and carbon molecular sieve membranes synthesis and characterization.

Professor Mendes authored or co-authored more than 370 articles in peer-review international journals, filled 25 families of patents and is the author of a textbook; received an Advanced Research Grant from the ERC on dye-sensitized solar cells for building integrated of ca. 2 MEuros, in 2013, and since this year and led 2 EU projects and was partner in 4 more EU projects. Prof. Mendes’ awards include Air Products Faculty Excellence 2011 Award (USA), Solvay & Hovione Innovation Challenge 2011, Ramos Catarino Innovation Award 2011-2012, ACP Diogo Vasconcelos Applied Research Award 2011, Municipal Medal of Merit by the City of Porto Merit – Gold Degree in 2015, Coimbra University Prize of 2016, Scientific Excellence Award by FEUP and Technology Innovation Award 2017 by the University of Porto. Presently, he is the Coordinator of CEner-FEUP, the Competence Center for Energy of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Porto.