Applying for H2020 funding is never a smooth task, and every applicant knows how big of a challenge it is to prepare, write and submit a winning proposal.

What if you had the chance to meet a group of experts willing to help you?

The nanoGateway project has just launched the nanoGateway H2020 Awards, an initiative that gives you access to Expert Consultancy Services, aiming to help you improve your proposal and increase the chances of winning your project!

The prizes will be awarded to the best 5 R&D Project Proposals related to nanotechnologies and to be submitted under the EU framework for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 in partnership with INL.

Put all those rejected proposals behind; now it’s your time. Application is free of charge.

Who can apply?

Eligibility Criteria:

  • At least one of the partners of the proposal must be established in the POCTEP area
  • The proposal must involve nanotechnology based concepts.
  • The proposal must be in partnership with INL.


Registration opens on February 28th, 2019, via nanoGateway platform

Multiple cut-off dates, as the following:

  • 1st cut-off: March 30th 2019
  • 2nd cut-off: May 31st 2019
  • 3rd cut-off: July 31st 2019

Evaluation results will be made available 5 days after the cut-off dates.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Scientific excellence;
  • Innovation potential and technical quality of the proposal;
  • Economic and social impact of the proposal;
  • Alignment with the RIS3 Regional Strategy;
  • Project fitting in an open call/topic;
  • Maturity of the proposal;
  • Consortium/partners.

APPLICATION IS FREE OF CHARGE. You can apply more than once with different proposals by fulfilling separate applications, as long as the applications follow the eligibility criteria.


The best 5 proposals selected will be entitled to a prize consisting of consultancy services for specialized assistance on proposals’ preparation, elaboration and submission under the EU framework for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020, valued in five thousand euros (€5,000.00) for each proposal, and to be executed until the termination of the nanoGateway Project.

How to apply?

Applications must be formalized through the nanoGateway Platform starting from February 28th.

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In case you could not attend to 2018 H2020 workshop, you still have the chance to register to April 2019 workshop

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Good Luck!