nanoGateway Platform

The alpha Version of the nanoGateway Platform is now live!

What is the nanoGateway platform?

The nanogateway platform is the Cross-border Platform to promote R&D+I in nanotechnology.

Built to strengthen the nanoscience and nanotechnology ecosystem involving key sectors and actors in the innovation value chain: Researchers and Academia; Startups and SMEs; Large Enterprises; Policy makers; Investors; and Other actors in the nanotechnology ecosystem

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What does the nanoGateway platform offer?


  • Gathering of the most relevant Data Bases of nanoscience and nanotechnology-related knowledge and resources.
  • Access to high-quality, reliable and updated information.
  • Tool to gather and disseminate information on nanoscience and nanotechnology.


  • Bring together actors of the nanoscience and nanotech value chains.
  • Access to an active network of scientific community, RTD Centers, Industrial and Political Sectors.
  • Identify potential partners for research, RTD Projects, Pilot Projects and Technology deployment.

Marketing and selling tool

  • Selling and Marketing tool for nanotechnology related projects.
  • Find the location for technical services, infrastructure, facilities, and pilot plans in the POCTEP area.
  • Accelerated development of technology enabled products.
  • Location of the supply and demand of technologies in the POCTEP Region.

Why joining the nanoGateway platform ?

SME or a Start-up?

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Large enterprise?

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Researcher or Academia?

Enjoy from networking with the scientific community, find the partner needed for your research or RTD Project.

Innovation agent?

Get access to the match-making tool that will support your services.


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How to join the platform?

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