The Mission 10.000 Conference is a multi-stakeholder collaborative initiative that aims to increase the impact of the research on issues of social relevancy. In the 2018 Conference, the theme was Bioeconomy, and the sessions involved the most relevant actors in the resolution of the more complex challenges.

The International Scientific Conference is organized by INL, the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, in the framework of the Interreg POCTEP nanoGateway Project. The Conference explored the “Mission Oriented Research and Innovation” approach to boost the smart growth and to address complex challenges through science and innovation by top-level speakers.

The Mission 10.000 2018 aimed to demonstrate scientific excellence in the application of nanotechnology, biotechnology, and other key enabling technologies of the bioeconomy sector, particularly, in the areas of food, agriculture, forestry and water resources.

This year, the Conference Mission 10.000 will take place again. The event that in its latest edition brought around 250 participants who recognized the importance of discussing the potential of nanotechnology to promote smart growth and turn discussions into actions.

In the Conference Mission 10.000 of 2018, specialist and researchers participated on the several scientific and cross-cutting sessions of the Conference, where business success stories were presented, as well as the institutional framework of support and funding opportunities for research and innovation.

The 2018 Conference Mission 10.000 in the media: