Become a part of nanoGateway Project

Learn more about how you can get involved in the process of unlocking the potential of nanotechnology as an engine turning the cross-border regions of Portugal and Spain into a competitive and strategic hub.

Activity 1

Formulation of a nano-driven multiregional Smart Specialization Strategy

nanoRIS3 Green Book

A Green Book of Smart Specialization in nanotechnology that will establish the foundation for a sustainable and inclusive research and innovation policy for the Iberian Peninsula, replicable on a European scale.

Get involved in public discussion about Smart Specialisation Strategy in Nanotechnology – nanoRIS3.

Sent your comments and suggestions:

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the document

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A tool to measure innovation in nanotechnology and guide strategic decision-making.

Online Survey to Stakeholders

In case you could not attend nanoRIS3 session during Mission 10.000, until 16th November you still have the chance to participate in online survey to nanotechnology stakeholders.

NanoRIS3 Plurirregional Working Group

Created to:

  • Identify strategic segments of investment.
  • Organize stakeholder consultations.
  • Map search and demand of nanotech-based market solutions.
  • Map existent infrastructures of research and production within the POCTEP area.
  • Nominate the technical teams responsible for nanoRIS3, nano-InnoBarometer, nano-Stakeholders Survey
Activity 2

Launch of a Mobile and Web-based Platform – The nanoGateway

Co-design and deploy a nano-driven multiregional digital platform

  • Connect and match partners from the business and scientific worlds.
  • Tackle specific RTD+I challenges.
  • Act as a marketing tool for nano-based projects.
  • Aggregate and disseminate nanoscience and nanotechnology related information.
Activity 3

International dissemination of research and innovation

NanoGateway Annual Conferences that will showcase nanotech-based scientific excellence and innovative applications developed within the Cross-Border Regions and internationally.

Activity 4

Implementation of Short-Term Knowledge Transfer Activities Involving Researchers and Industry

Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter Schools for students and researchers from both academia and industry, organized by INL in collaboration with Universities and RTD Centers from POCTEP area.

  • Spring school 2018 on NanoBioEngineering for Medicine
  • Summer school 2018 on NanoMedicine
  • Autumn school 2018 on Quantum Technologies
  • Winter school 2019

Short-term mobility programs for researchers from industry, scientific community and academia.

Mobility Stages at INL, for industry researchers, scientific community and students: Up to 8 weeks under INL tutorship developing customized activities.

Workshops H2020. RTD Funding for collaborative projects

  • 4 workshops (2 per year), involving scientific & business world, learning together how to define, write and submit competitive proposals to international funding programs.
  • 2 contest (2 per year): the best 5 RTD Project ideas will receive support services for the preparation and submission of the proposal.

Know more about the benefits of being involved in nanoGateway

Explore the different profiles and see which one suits you

How to get involved

  • Participate in the formulation of a nano-based smart specialization strategy (NanoRIS3 Greenbook) with European-wide applicability, through nanoGateway’s Working Groups
  •  Co-design an online platform meant to support and guide your regional strategies’ decisions
  • Use the Nanotechnology Innovation Barometer to guide strategic decision making


  • Stimulate your regions competitiveness, approaching the main challenges of RIS3
  • Generate employment and qualified work force
  • Invigorate economy through nano-applied innovation
  • Use the Innovation Barometer for Nanotechnology as a measuring and supporting tool for strategic decision making
  • Optimize resources and strategic investments
  • Show internationally the capabilities and performance of your region
  • Foster the development of an internationally competitive industry
  • Achieve synergies with nearby regions

How to get involved

  • Take part in our short-term Mobility initiatives
  • Attend or teach at our Summer/Winter Schools
  • Participate in our Scientific Conferences and NanoTalks
  • Join or submit your ideas to our Scientific Editors Network
  • Take part in EU funding Workshops
  • Participate in the Nano-Knowledge Labs’ contest for the “Best NanoTech Paper


  • Network with research and business community
  • Get access to advanced facilities and knowledge
  • Share ideas / know-how
  • Enrich your scientific profile
  • Increase the scope and impact of your research
  • Publish papers in reputable journals
  • Submit excellent joint proposals
  • Apply to European funding
  • Identify commercial applications for your work
  • Find partners and investors from both the private and public sector

How to get involved

  • Join our Summer/Winter Schools and Mobility Initiatives in the INL
  • Attend our annual conferences and outreach activities
  • Share your knowledge and your demands on the NanoGateway Platform


  • Work with and learn from multidisciplinary experts(from physicists to engineers) at INL’s uniquefacilities
  • Enrich your CV
  • Meet potential employers from both business and research entities

How to get involved

  • Join our online nanoGateway platform
  • Participate in EU funding Workshops
  • Take part in our short-term Mobility initiatives
  • Participate in our Scientific Conferences
  • Attend our Nano-Knowledge Labs
  • Participate in the contest that rewards the best business application based on nanotechnology


  • Connect with both business and scientific community
  • Find nanotechnology based solutions that foster your global competitiveness
  • Co-develop technologies that meet your needs
  • Find science, technology and business partners
  • Attract investors
  • Apply for European funding programs
  • Access to uniquely advanced facilities and knowledge
  • Share ideas and know-how
  • Learn about the applications of nanotechnology for enterprises and how to commercialize it
  • Incorporate high value nano-based solutions into your business

How to get involved

  • Participate in public events, such as NanoTalks
  • Share your vision and your demands in the NanoGateway Platform


  • Get involved in the process of co-designingtechnology that is changing the world
  • Learn how nanotechnology can impact your life increasing life standards (from health improvements to food security)